Sin sells, will you buy?

As I study and browse the internet, I more often than not catch myself brooding about society. Media dominates society and influences people’s attitudes and behaviors. They have extreme power over not only growing kids and adolescents but even adults. People follow others because that’s “just the way society is” and if you don’t agree with the direction it’s going in, then you are not the norm. Look around, we convince ourselves that pushing the moral limits of our society is completely acceptable because it’s entertainment. Look at what has become our entertainment. People crave entertainment that will shock them. Shocking things make the news, and keep reporters, magazines, and other media professionals busy, paid, and comfortable. Already, blatant violence, obscenities, and raunchy scenes, pictures, and descriptions are hardly flinched at–people make jokes out of them, in fact, all to justify what is being shown. What happens when we are desensitized to the point that someone getting shot in the stomach doesn’t startle us anymore? What happens when watching people strip and “do it” isn’t sexy enough anymore? I’m sure it won’t be long until the American society will be ready and waiting for the next level of entertainment. As long as media exalts and publicizes celebrities, designers, and movie and show writers who push moral limits the public will be entertained. Sin sells, and America is ready to buy it.   


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